Features about AfterShock

    Now! LEGALIZE IT! :D
    Now! LEGALIZE IT! :D

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    Features about AfterShock

    Post  Dark-Stranger on Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:59 am

    Hi guys!
    I want to show some features of this great mod! Biggrin
    Let's go! Bong

    On the official site you can find:

    Like a Star @ heaven A sea of statistics! (you must have an account!)

    In these 3 pictures you can see 3 different type of data :
    -general(win, lost, spectated, total amount games, damage, kill death ratio, total accuracy, time played)
    -accuracy(of each weapons)
    -medals(impressive, excellent, gauntlet, full shotgun, airgrenade, airrocket, rocket-rail)

    Like a Star @ heaven Are you looking for a friend? see on the left panel!(you must be logged)

    On the left there are friends who are online& friends who are playing on an aftershock server.

    >click here to enlarge<

    Like a Star @ heaven A Pickup System!

    With this system you can see who is available to play in the evening.
    You can select the gametype, the hour, and write some extra comments.

    >click here to enlarge<

    Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven When logged, in your profile you can find other nice things, like:

    Personal settings:


    (settings- new login system) - IMPORTANT -
    Click on Create new password and copy the cvars aftershock_login and aftershock_password to your AFTERSHOCK config. You can find the config file here:

    Linux: ~/.openarena/aftershock/q3config.cfg
    Windows: %APPDATA%\openarena\aftershock\q3config.cfg
    Mac: ~/Libary/ApplicationSupport/Openarena/aftershock/q3config.cfg

    With the correct login and password, you can play with any name on the aftershock-servers and the statstracker will work.

    Your stats:

    Your games:

    & last games:

    with stats for each:

    ...& much more!!!

    And about the mod?
    See the changelog HERE

    A BIG thanks to a_clown & **HD! Keep it up!! Approve
    Go AfterShock! Go Go Go!


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