Oacon protocol

    Wow! I saw it!
    Wow! I saw it!

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    Oacon protocol Empty Oacon protocol

    Post  Whipper on Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:10 pm

    Hey Ganja's! Smile

    First of all, i have to say u're a very nice clan Smile I really enjoy playing with some of u i often meet ingame. Skilled, fair play, good boys Wink ... Nice!

    Then, i wonder if u heard about little things we (io) made as we made them in the early 2010 Smile

    (I just copy the post we made for oaclans)

    We, IO^clan, proudly Present:

    Click and play!
    Launch Openarena and connect to a server with a single click from your browser!

    After a lot of work we finally managed to make a new URL protocol.
    With this new protocol you can connect to OpenArena servers by simply using this serverviewer ( http://ioclan.site11.com/openarena/serverlist.php ) or here ( http://ioclan.site11.com/ ) and clicking the Join button. That is all, just clicking Join.
    For private servers we also made a little option to enter the password. After
    entering, it connects just the same way as it would normally Smiley

    So enough talk, you want to see it of course! Just move on to <http://theoacon.tk> and click
    the downloadlink. Follow the simple steps and test it on your favorite server Cheesy

    Hope you enjoy it ^^

    The IO clan.
    Now! LEGALIZE IT! :D
    Now! LEGALIZE IT! :D

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    Oacon protocol Empty Re: Oacon protocol

    Post  Dark-Stranger on Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:38 am

    Hi Whipper!!!!!

    I'm glad to see you in our forum Happy !!!

    thanks for the nice words Happy!!
    yoo too, you are a very good player(fair play,..)!!
    you are a great example for all Wink!!

    Thanks for letting us know about this;)
    ..to all the io clan cheers !!!

    see you in game

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